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Antique Drum
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A Military Education

In the trilogy ‘A Military Education’ Miles Player, a young officer, tells us about his experiences of growing up in the close knit camaraderie of a British regiment in the 1950s, a decade closer to the Thirties than the Sixties.

‘On Fire’, the first book, opens in Hong Kong and moves to the Korean War, where we witness acts of courage, rivalry, fear and love.

In ‘Silken Dalliance’, the second book, the regiment has moved to Western Germany to serve in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) as Cold War frontiersmen where a martinet of a new colonel tries to curb their thirst for fun and pleasure.

‘Antique Drum’ completes the trilogy, first in Kenya with the Mau Mau Emergency, then in the debacle of the Suez Crisis, and finally in a small war in Aden. Through these years we follow the fortunes of a small group of officers, especially the friendships, loves and experiences of the narrator, Miles Player, and his slow realisation that the days of empire are over.

On Fire

Silken Dalliance

Antique Drum

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About The Author

the author

John Ogden

John Ogden was first a professional soldier who helped give away the British Empire, and then an advertising man who helped to build and sustain commercial empires.

In 1952 he was commissioned into the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, with whom he served in various parts of the world until he resigned his commission in 1964.

He then joined J. Walter Thompson in London, moving, in the 1980s to Ogilvy & Mather. He now lives in Oxfordshire

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